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Welcome to Norcal Airduct Cleaning

Norcal Airduct Cleaning has a wealth of experience in the airduct cleaning industry.We provide the the highest quality system of cleaning with the latest state of the art of technology. We provide cleaning to residential, commercial and industrial projects throughout the entire bay area.Our cleaning technicians are highly skilled and trained to the highest standards in our industry. We are committed to a high standard of excellence and we enjoy serving our bay area community, neighbors, and businesses.

Service is the value that bridges our past and future. It captures our reliability, quality and excellent performance forĀ our customers. We will create the most respected name in the airduct cleaning industry, and remain a successful company when we make and keep our promises to our customers, our commitments, and our employees.

Norcal Airduct Cleaning 100% Guaranteed

We are committed to providing professional and quality service 100% Guaranteed

Save on energy bills.
Wiping off excessive dirt that slows down the ventilation system. Removing blockage that reduces airflow.
Reduce risk of fire.
Regularly inspection insulation. Inspection of leaks and disconnected segments.
Reduce allergies,asthma,and other airborne illnesses.
Prevents the spread of contagious disease in the family. Removes dust, dirt and other chemicals that cause allergies.
Make HVAC systems run more efficiently.
Thermostat Inspection. Coil Inspection and cleaning.


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How often should your airducts be cleaned?

Typically, we suggest a home's airducts be cleaned every 2-4 years. If a home owner has children, pets or a compromised immune system, frequency may be more often.

How long does an average airduct cleaning take?

The typical single family home's airduct system takes between 1-2 hours up to 7 ducts. Longer with more ducts and older homes.

Will airduct cleaning leave a mess in my home?

No. Our technicians are equipped with the highest quality and the latest state of the art duct cleaning equipment. All our equipment used are Hepa Filtered and will assure you of no mess.

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